Terms of use

1. General provisions

1.1. Company, which provide service on securedata.cz (hereinafter - company), is a company Tardys Company s.r.o., ID 17691486, registered in Černokostelecká 1806/123, Strašnice, 100 00 Praha 10, Czech Republic
1.2. Customers are physical or legal person, who bought service on securedata.cz.
1.3. Customers undertake to comply with the terms of this user agreement

2. Service

2.1. securedata.cz service is to provide to customers space on remote hard drive for storage / backup personal information.
2.2. The service provides only for personal use and couldn´t be used for resell third parties.
2.3. The service isn´t a cloud storage or file sharing storage.
2.4. Customer isn´t able to distribute his files, which she/he place on the servers securedata.cz service through public links or other way.
2.5. securedata.cz service is strictly limited, only by storing user data on securedata.cz servers. Access to the information have only user and administration (support centre) securedata.cz service.
2.6. This user agreement takes effect after user agree with this user agreement (must be set checkbox in the filed I agree with terms of service) and makes a successful payment for the selected service.
2.7. After successful completion of the payment process, all needed information for using service (FTP server name or IP address, login, password) send to the email, which user indicate at payment process.
2.8. In case of technical or other problems, when email with all needed information for using service wasn´t delivered to customer, client should write to securedata.cz support centre on (contact@securedata.cz).
2.9. If after successful payment have passed 24 hours and customer didn´t send email to the support centre (contact@securedata.cz) - the service is considered to be fully provided, and customer agrees to receive the service in full.

3. Right and obligations of the user.

3.1. User is obliged to provide information needed for providing securedata.cz service truly, actual in full measure.
3.2. User is obliged to use securedata.cz service solely for personal use and obliged not to transmit data, in order to use the securedata.cz service to a third party.
3.3. User agrees and obliged that she/he will not download and store data that may not be legal or violate anyone´s rights.
3.4. The administration securedata.cz service reserves the right to monitor and demand from the user, in the personal folder of which files related to the following content were found, but not limited to deleting files within 24 hours from the receipt of such a request from the securedata.cz administration::

– content that has an explicit sexual or pornographic expression, adult material, material that incites violence, hatred or racism;
– files, the contents of which may encourage criminal activity or failure to perform duties prescribed by law;
– files whose content can promote or encourage movement aimed at suppressing human rights and freedoms;
– files whose contents may express hatred towards a group of people, especially an ethnic group, race, nation, religion or belief;
– files whose contents may contain viruses and / or other programs (codes, scripts, etc.);
– materials for the production of weapons, explosives, prohibited substances.

4. The user is solely responsible for the content of files that he stores using securedata.cz

5. User agrees that his actions under any circumstances, will not endanger the reputation of the site, company and securedata.cz services.

6. Right and obligations of the company

6.1. In case of violation of the rules for using the securedata.cz service, the Company has the right to suspend the provision of services to the user without refund of the amount paid.
6.2. The company has the right at any time to prevent the user from downloading data, but is not obliged to indicate to the user the reason for the prohibition of downloading data.
6.3. The company is not responsible for the content of the data that the user uploads. If the Company finds that the data, content and downloads may be illegal or violate these terms of service, the Company has the right without any explanation to remove the content and block the user who downloaded the content.
6.4. The company does not back up data uploaded by the user. The company is not responsible for any damage that may occur due to incomplete download of user data or the provision of incomplete or untrue information by the user.
6.5. The company has the right to place on its website or send to the user by e-mail marketing messages informing the user about the new services of the company. The company also has the right to use various marketing activities aimed at attracting customers, such as, but not limited to advertising links to other sites, placing banners, posting information about the service securedata.cz on other sites, providing various bonuses to their customers, etc.
6.6. The company has the right to add, change or remove any of the supported and current tariff plans without prior notice to the user. But at the same time, already paid tariff plan will not be changed for the user until the end of its validity period.

7. Storage of personal data

7.1. When using the securedata.cz service, the Company shall notify the user and the user agrees to the storage of his / her personal information, such as: E-Mail, IP address, date and time of payment for the service, Address, Surname and Name (upon individual request). The list of stored personal information can be expanded or reduced. Any information of interest to the User, he can get by writing a request to the support service securedata.cz

8. Final provisions

8.1. Communication between the user and the company is carried out by e-mail, Skype and an interactive form of sending messages from the securedata.cz website.
8.2. The company has the right to change the terms of this user agreement at any time. The current version of the user agreement is located at: https://securedate.cz/user_agreemen.html