Refund Policy

After successful payment client should get detailed instructions about how start to use the service.

Client can turn back his money in some of the following cases (When refund is possible):

- Duplicate orders: if we sold to the clients two similar services instead two different.
- If our service doesn´t work within 48 hours.
- Undeliveried service: client paid, but didn´t receive service within 24 hours. (Client should check e-mail, which was specified when paying.

When refunds are not provided:

- If you purchased and received working service but then decide that you don´t need it.
- The simultaneous purchase of several different services, when the user receives several services, uses them, chooses the one that best suits his needs, and then tries to get a refund for all services that do not suit him.
- Undeliveried service because of email is incorrect: please pay your attention that we are not responsible for the inability to receive a service, since client doesn´t indicate correct email address. Customer is responsible for entering their correct and working email address.

How to apply for a refund?

Please contact us ( and give us your correct email which you used at payment, the date of purchase, the sum of purchase, used payment method, description of what you bought and all other details regarding your purchase.